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Phake Breaking News – Gov’t Shutdown and Perry White

Amidst the current Government shutdown, DACA deadline, and impending child healthcare closure, our sources learned that Temp. President Trump found the time to play eighteen holes of golf, bringing the total number of times Mr. Trump has spent on the golf course since his inauguration to 95. When a team of numerical analysts at M.I.T. factored in Mr. Trump’s regular days off, his vacation time, and his workday beginning at 11 and ending at 11:30, the President has in fact worked a total of four and a half days, and three and a half of those days were spent firing Anthony Scaramucci. In a related story, while millions of men and women around the world commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day, the President spent the day on his golf course in New Jersey. The thoughtless chutzpah on the part of the Temporary President was amplified, because the golf course is restricted. This just in, a member of the White House staff, Mr. Perry White, revealed that he recently witnessed Mr. Trump twirling one strand of hair around his head for forty-five minutes, giving him the appearance of having a full head of hair. Mr. White added, and I quote, “Donald Trump is completely bald like his National Security Advisor, H.R. McMasters. In fact, the two hairless men often put their heads together and make an ass out of themselves.” Film at eleven.

Phake Breaking News – It’s Official, Trumps is a racist

Well, it is official ladies and gentlemen. Our sources across America and around the globe have confirmed the question everyone has been asking since temporary President Trump rode down the escalator in Trump Tower and threw his “Make America Hate Again” hat into the ring. That question, of course, whether Mr. Trump is in fact a racist, xenophobic, intolerant, narrow-minded, loser. Well, in light of his unseemly words this week on the topic of our neighbors and friends in Africa and Haiti, the evidence is crushingly and indisputably conclusive. Without a shadow of a doubt, President Shithole is exactly what he appears to be, a card carrying racist douche bag. Incidentally, if temporary Trump’s despicable behavior doesn’t offend you, you are a bigot as well, but of course you already knew that. In a related story, Sara Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, and Jared Kushner formed an acapella group and will perform next month at the Saint Valentine’s and Single’s Awareness Day jamboree on the White House lawn. They dubbed their little trio, “Two Heartless Bitches and a Dicknose.” Film at eleven.

Phake Breaking News – Navajo Code Talkers – Gibber Jabber

Earlier in the week, former national security adviser, and man who perfected the permanent sneer in second grade, Michael Flynn, pled guilty to the United States District Court for lying to the FBI. Our sources tell us that Flynn threw himself on the mercy of the court to save his son, pizza-gate conspirator, Michael Flynn Jr. In his statement to the high court, General Flynn asked the judge to pardon his son and allow Michael to resume his work in Russia with Vladimir Putin. “If you pardon my son, Michael,” Flynn told the district court. “He will have the opportunity to work for an established Oligarchy, rather than ours which is a work in progress.” In a disconnected segue, on Wednesday Temporary President Trump managed to dishonor women, World War II veterans, and native Americans all in one fell swoop. The Native American veterans were being honored for saving lives by using the Navaho language as code. During the ceremony, Trump referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.” Fortunately, the veterans were so old they couldn’t hear the President’s ridiculous statement. Unfortunately, once again the rest of the country was subjected to listening to Trump’s infantile twaddle, god awful gibber jabber, and meanspirited poppycock. Film at eleven.

Phake Breaking News – Manafort, Mueller, and Willis

We begin with temporary President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort; dirty trickster, conspirator, or merely a despicable turd with a Hair Club for Men’s clinging toupee? Once again, Manafort takes center stage via the plethora of lies he spewed out during his recent testimony with the FBI. Manafort’s fabrications regarding his collusions with the Russians were uncovered by chief council, and man who played the part of Lurch in the situation comedy “The Adam’s Family” Mr. Robert Mueller. Mueller is doubling down on Manafort and his cronies in an effort to root out the kingpin at the top of the fetid food chain, Donald J. Trump. In a recent statement to the press, Mueller said and I quote: “We’re closing in on the grifters occupying the White House; hang in there decent Americans, our national embarrassment is coming to an end.” In a related story, Trump’s administration was officially deemed an abysmal failure by his own base. Millions of former Trump supporters are coming forward and asking for clemency. Our Hollywood correspondent, Juanita Conquest, recently spoke with former Trump follower, and fading thespian, Bruce Willis. Willis said and I quote: “I ingested a bad batch of mushrooms before I went on The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon that Trump was doing a good job.” Willis added, “Next to Donald Trump I’m the biggest douche bag on the planet; seriously, I’m a bloody idiot.” Yet again, it’s wonderful to see more Trumpeters coming to their senses and … This just in, Judge Roy Bean Moore is still a horrible specimen of human being. Film at eleven.

Phake Breaking News – A visit to China and Paul Manafort visits the big house

On his recent trip to Asia, Temporary President Trump arrived late to a meeting with Chinese President Chi. Mr. Trump was delayed because he was touring the factory in Beijing where he bought the steel he used to construct Trump Tower. He also fell behind schedule after visiting several sweatshops in Shanghai where underpaid workers make his suits, shirts, ties, socks, underwear, cufflinks, “Make America Hate Again” hats, and custom-made kid gloves for his tiny hands. On the home front, special council, and second cousin once removed from TV’s celebrated sit-com personality Herman Munster, Robert Mueller, recently handed down several key-player indictments. The first indictment on the subject of collusion

The Trump-a-Dashians Infotainment Review

Apparently, Ivanka Trump-a-Dashian and her Chinese emolument clothing couture is about to vamp down the last runway. In the words of Woody Guthrie: So long, been good to know ya, you bloody wanker. With any luck, her brothers: Eric (The Earl of Douchebags) Trump-a-Dashian and Donald Junior (The second Earl of Douchebags) will soon follow in their sister’s fraudulent footsteps. Born with silver forks in their mouths and doubtless pentagrams on their palms, the siblings chose to follow in Daddy’s disingenuous footsteps. In the process, the scallywags have taken words like creepy, disturbing, and horrific to new heights. As regards Cinderella Trump-a-Dashian, also known as Tiffany, the sour stepsister often appears confused and disoriented at family gatherings. At the recent Easter Egg Hunt on the White House lawn, for example, Cinderella/Tiffany looked like Bambi staring into the headlights of an oncoming Buick. Baron is just a child, but I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the Trump-a-Dashian youngster. Not surprisingly, if you look up the words Hypocrisy and Nightmarish in the dictionary, you’ll find the Trump-a-Dashian family photo. Alongside the family photograph, you’ll see individual snapshots of the douchebag brothers, Eric and Donald Jr, posing in front of the slaughtered remains of endangered species. Such as Lions, Tigers, and the majestic African Elephant. Evidently, Eric and Donald Jr. think the big game photographs will dispel reports from their wives that the Trump-a-Dashian brothers are hung like hamsters. Frankly, I hope it won’t be long before this reality show gets cancelled. It’s the scariest program I’ve ever seen.

Donald Trump graduated from college?

I don’t believe Donald Trump rightfully graduated from college; he’s too stupid. I’m certain his degree was obtained by paying intelligent students to do the required work and take his exams. In fact, Donald probably paid his kindergarten classmates to do his bidding or he would have failed sandbox.

Orangutan at a Trump rally

hairheidi & carley
Recently at a Trump rally, the orangutan sitting on Donald’s head heard the breaking news about Governor Kasich and Ted Cruz dropping out of the presidential race, and jumped off Mr. Trump’s head, ran across the stage and bitch-slapped Heidi Cruz, Karen Kasich, and Carly Fiorina.

Best sex we’ve had in years

pop heidi
Senator Ted Cruz was so distraught when he dropped out of the presidential race that he popped his wife, Heidi, across the teeth with his elbow and then shot her a right cross to the chin. A few minutes later, Mrs. Cruz told the press: “That was the best sex we’ve had in years.”