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What People Are Saying About “Tiny Yellow Hat”

“A perfect blend of madcap rants and true life experiences; David Sedaris hang on to your beret …”

-B. D. Speakcycle

“The Daily Show and J.M. Chamberlain are perfectly suited; disarming writing like this will stand the test of time …”

–Bruce Wainscote

“A satirical romp that put a never-ending smile on my face, riotously funny and viciously insightful …”

–Sharon Lynchburg III

Tiny Yellow Hat is chicken soup for  your fractured funny bone; bold, agreeable, and hilarious …”

–Phyllis Sans-Filter

“A humorous title wrapped around a feast of funny words; five stars would be an understatement …”

–K. Liza Mimty

“The wacky heading caught my eye and the soulful essays stole my heart. If you read only one book this year, make it Tiny Yellow Hat …”

–Marie DeSantis