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Shame on you, Mr. Smith

With all the turmoil playing out in Ukraine and the world on the brink of nuclear disaster, Will Smith took it upon himself to bitch-slap Chris Rock at the Academy Award Ceremony. Forty minutes later, in the irony of all dramatic ironies, Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor in the film, King Richard. During his longwinded acceptance speech, Smith seemingly wept his way out of an arrest warrant for assault. I only wish Chris Rock had fought back. If Mr. Smith attacked me on stage, or anywhere else, I would have taken his tonsils out through his nostrils and knocked his funny little ears off. In the end, the Oscar winner never apologized to Chris Rock for his insane behavior. He only asked the Academy’s forgiveness in hopes of being asked back again. Look, if you or I assaulted Will Smith because we didn’t like his performance in a film, or he told a joke about someone we loved, we’d be on our way to jail so fast, our heads would spin around faster than the little girl in the scene from the Exorcist. Will Smith is a bully and should be held accountable for assaulting Chris Rock. Shame on you, Mr. Smith.