About the Author

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the doctor of comedy began his career as class clown alongside cohort Larry David. After a brief stint on Wall Street, the bestselling author drove a horse and carriage around Central Park. Comical tours steered the way to stage doors, television studios, and motion pictures. In California the gifted performer was soon working alongside Gene Wilder in The Woman in Red and Ed Harris in the timeless Irwin Winkler production, The Right Stuff. The classic production about America’s race to space provided a straight path to Paramount Studios. As a young actor and writer in Hollywood, the author performed in over twenty motion pictures, working alongside screen giants Tom Hanks and Sally Fields in the film Punchline, Diane Keaton in Baby Boom, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the science fiction thriller, The Running Man. The doctor’s fan club likes to remind his loyal readers that he also appeared in one of the worst horror movies ever made, Silent Night Deadly Night II. The accomplished artist redeemed himself as a Road Warrior, performing stand-up comedy with such notables as the late Robin Williams and legendary ground-breaker Sam Kinison; not to mention Jim Carey, Richard Lewis, and Ellen DeGenerous. Leaving no stones unturned, the resident funny man shared the stage with Howie Mandel, Bob Newhart, and provided voice characterizations for Hanna Barbera and The Smurfs. Presently, J. Michael Chamberlain’s musings are penned in a compilation of autobiographical essays entitled, I’m OK, You’re a Pain in the Ass …a love story, a body of work acclaimed by writers and artists the world over. When the accomplished performer isn’t penning bestsellers and appearing on The Late Show, he can be found playing the blues in pubs across America and enjoying the good life with his spouse, Millisa, and their rescued hounds, Charles Beresford Tipton and Gracie Poochinella Pants.