Trump; The Leader Of The Free World ?

Donald Trump the leader of the free world ? Trump couldn’t lead a puppy to a hamburger.   He’s a  21st century snake-oil salesman selling fear and widespread panic.  He’s an example of what motivational speaker Wayne Dyer calls FEAR:  False Evidence Appearing Real.  His recurring words are always dark narratives regarding America’s shortcomings; however, when questioned, he never has any solutions concerning our domestic problems and complicated global conundrums.  “I’m a business man,” he keeps repeating.  “I’ll run this country like a business.”  Trump went bankrupt four times.  This self-made man was given hundreds of millions by his father.  Trump talks about making this country great again.  The only way this country could get any better would be if men like Donald Trump climbed aboard the next space shuttle to Pluto..

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