Rump Plaza

For a time in Atlantic City, the huge letters above TRUMP PLAZA burned brightly. But as time marched on, one towering letter in particular began to fade. Finally, the floodlight displaying the letter “T” completely burned out. From a distance, anyone viewing the casino was presented with RUMP PLAZA. Donald Trump’s pretend run for the presidency isn’t all that different from the letters atop the casino. The higher the ape climbs, the more his ugly side is revealed. Mr. Trump’s fear mongering, blatant lies, and intimidation tactics will continue to work until the bully is confronted by his victims and metaphorically punched in the nose. By not standing up to the quintessential ugly American, we’re fueling the real-estate Mogul’s mean-spirited race-baiting techniques. Across the Continental Divide, intelligent reporters and journalists should be looking Donald Trump in the face and repeating the words spoken by Joseph Welch during the communist witch-hunt in the 1950’s. In defense of a junior attorney accused by Senator McCarthy of being affiliated with the communist party, the former chief of counsel for the United States Army and partner at a prestigious Boston law firm, said, “Until this moment, Senator, I have never gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Have you no sense of decency, sir?” Donald Trump has no sense of decency, civility, and morality. He calls immigrants rapists and murderers, dismisses war heroes like so much trash and demeans women at every turn. He is not only a danger to our American way of life, but rather a danger to freedom-loving people around the globe.


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