Troika – Russian for Threesome

Putin, Jong, Trump
After reclaiming fifteen boxes of classified documents Donald Trump fraudulently removed from the White House, yet another love letter from the failed former President to the North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un, and the despot’s response, has been leaked by the National Archives.
Dear Kimmy,
It’s your old pal Donny, again. I just spoke with Vladimir Putin, who, by the way, wants us to call him “Pooty.” Anyway, Pooty thinks the three of us should get together for a playdate. He called it a “Troika.” I think that’s Russian for threesome. Pooty said he has some business on the border of Ukraine to take care of first, and then he’ll give me a call. I’ll keep you posted.
Love and Kisses
Donny T
Dear Donny,
I look forward to a Troika Playdate with you and Vladimir, I mean Pooty. Tell Pooty I just bought some Ellen underwear on line. I must say, Donny, I look pretty snazzy in my new underpants. Incidentally, I tried to order a pair of Ellen underwear for you, but they didn’t have XXXXXL in stock. I’ll try again, soon. Miss you, my darling.
Love and Hugs

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