Monthly Archives: March 2014

News from around the world and in your face

News from around the World and in your Face  Moscow, Russia- President Vladimir Putin announced that he is changing his name from Vladimir Putin to Vladimir Pooty-Tang. Upon hearing the news, President Barack Obama told reporters that from this day forward he will no longer be called Barack Obama, but rather Kevin Weinstein.  New York, NY- Today on The View, Barbara Walters revealed to Whoopi Goldberg that she dated Thomas Edison and Henry Ford at the same time.  Las Vegas, Nevada- Rick Harris of television’s Pawn Stars unwittingly bought a portrait of the Mona Lisa wearing a Hitler mustache for 11 million dollars. Bolder, Colorado- A referendum is placed on the ballot to change the name of the state from Colorado to Marijuana Land. Kiev, Ukraine- Currently in hiding, ousted President Viktor Yanukovych wears a disguise consisting of a wig, skirt and peasant blouse, and insists on being called Helen Yank-my-chain.


News from around the world and in your face.

News from around the World and in your Face Washington,DC- In the second day of questioning the former head of the IRS, Darryl Issa continued to ask a series of idiotic and moronic questions, ultimately turning off his own microphone. New York, NY- Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel decided to trade names. Now, their late night talk shows will be called, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Jimmy and The Kimmel Fallon Show.