Phake Breaking News – Manafort, Mueller, and Willis

We begin with temporary President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort; dirty trickster, conspirator, or merely a despicable turd with a Hair Club for Men’s clinging toupee? Once again, Manafort takes center stage via the plethora of lies he spewed out during his recent testimony with the FBI. Manafort’s fabrications regarding his collusions with the Russians were uncovered by chief council, and man who played the part of Lurch in the situation comedy “The Adam’s Family” Mr. Robert Mueller. Mueller is doubling down on Manafort and his cronies in an effort to root out the kingpin at the top of the fetid food chain, Donald J. Trump. In a recent statement to the press, Mueller said and I quote: “We’re closing in on the grifters occupying the White House; hang in there decent Americans, our national embarrassment is coming to an end.” In a related story, Trump’s administration was officially deemed an abysmal failure by his own base. Millions of former Trump supporters are coming forward and asking for clemency. Our Hollywood correspondent, Juanita Conquest, recently spoke with former Trump follower, and fading thespian, Bruce Willis. Willis said and I quote: “I ingested a bad batch of mushrooms before I went on The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon that Trump was doing a good job.” Willis added, “Next to Donald Trump I’m the biggest douche bag on the planet; seriously, I’m a bloody idiot.” Yet again, it’s wonderful to see more Trumpeters coming to their senses and … This just in, Judge Roy Bean Moore is still a horrible specimen of human being. Film at eleven.

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