Penetrating Thought of the Day

In light of the recent injustice in Florida, and I’m not talking about the rash of elderly men wearing speedos on Miami Beach, the term Getting Away with Murder will now (and forever) be referred to as “ZIMMERMANING.” For example: Until his fiery death in an underground bunker in Berlin, Adolph Hitler had been ZIMMERMANING across Europe. Or, “The notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, had been ZIMMERMANING for several years before his capture and execution.” The only solace one can take away from the sad event that took place in Sanford, FL. in February 26, 2012 and July 13, 2013, is knowing that George Zimmerman will be looking over his shoulder for the remainder of his life. He is a colossal coward. Trayvon Martin had it right when he called his murderer a “creepy-ass cracker.” Rest in peace Trayvon..

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