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Disrespectful slithering-silicone-sycophant

Good people, I know there’s one thing we can all agree upon; Kelly Anne Conway has taken leave of her racist bigoted white-supremacist mind. Bare feet in the Oval Office? Bare feet on the sofa while 35 Black University Presidents are standing in attendance? You disrespectful slithering-silicone-sycophant. Please, Kelly Anne, do the planet a colossal favor and crawl back in to the gurgling bog you oozed out of. I’m sure you’ll find a cozy snakeskin sweater from Ivanka Fashions and a few alternative facts at the bottom of the ooze. Good luck and God Bless.


Marco Rubio’s Disappearing Act

rubio trump cruzSince the senator from Florida did everyone a favor when he dropped out of the presidential race; children frolicking in swimming pools in Miami have replaced Marco Pollo with Marco Rubio. Now, if we could just close our eyes and Republican front runners Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would disappear as well, the world would be a better place.

Anderson Cooper Vs Donald Trump

anderson cooperAt a town hall meeting, Anderson Cooper asked Donald Trump why he had said nasty things about Senator Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi. “Ted started it, ” Mr. Trump replied, petulantly. ” What are you five years old?” Anderson Cooper said. “Your response is ‘Ted started it?'” Personally, I’m concerned that President Trump may be attending a high level meeting with President Putin of Russia, when the two leaders find themselves in disagreement. There’s bound to be an international incident when President Trump stamps his feet and proclaims: “Shut up, Vladimir, you poopy head. You’re not the boss of me.”

Finda the Pope ina the Pizza Contest

Just when I thought it was safe to go about my business without the Pontiff invading every waking hour; preempting my favorite television programs from Chris Mathews on MSNBC to the talented jokers on the Big Bang Theory, I innocently ordered a pepperoni pizza and lo and behold there he was again. Yes, indeed, staring at me from atop the pizza box was Pope Frankie in all his glory. Although I found it a tad disconcerting, I have to admit it brought back memories of Father Guido Sarduci, aka Don Novello, and his classic bit from Saturday Night Live Finda the Pope ina the Pizza Contest. Just the same I’m glad His Holiness visited America. He’s a decent, somewhat progressive guy, who, for example, no longer condemns the Gay Pride Parade. An act I always found hypocritical whenever the Pontiff rode through Vatican Square on a flowery float wearing a matching hat and gown. That said, he gave a great many people a well-needed lift and that’s a good thing. Just the same, I pray he doesn’t come back too soon.Picture of the Pope.

News from around the world and in your face

News from around the World and in your Face  Moscow, Russia- President Vladimir Putin announced that he is changing his name from Vladimir Putin to Vladimir Pooty-Tang. Upon hearing the news, President Barack Obama told reporters that from this day forward he will no longer be called Barack Obama, but rather Kevin Weinstein.  New York, NY- Today on The View, Barbara Walters revealed to Whoopi Goldberg that she dated Thomas Edison and Henry Ford at the same time.  Las Vegas, Nevada- Rick Harris of television’s Pawn Stars unwittingly bought a portrait of the Mona Lisa wearing a Hitler mustache for 11 million dollars. Bolder, Colorado- A referendum is placed on the ballot to change the name of the state from Colorado to Marijuana Land. Kiev, Ukraine- Currently in hiding, ousted President Viktor Yanukovych wears a disguise consisting of a wig, skirt and peasant blouse, and insists on being called Helen Yank-my-chain.


News from around the world and in your face.

News from around the World and in your Face Washington,DC- In the second day of questioning the former head of the IRS, Darryl Issa continued to ask a series of idiotic and moronic questions, ultimately turning off his own microphone. New York, NY- Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel decided to trade names. Now, their late night talk shows will be called, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Jimmy and The Kimmel Fallon Show.