Find The Pope In The Pizza Contest


Just when I thought it was safe to go about my business without the Pontiff invading every waking hour; preempting my favorite television programs from Chris Mathews on MSNBC to the talented jokers on the Big Bang Theory, I innocently ordered a pepperoni pizza and lo and behold there he was again. Yes, indeed, staring at me from atop the pizza box was Pope Frankie in all his glory. Although I found it a tad disconcerting, I have to admit it brought back memories of Father Guido Sarduci, aka Don Novello, and his classic bit from Saturday Night Live Finda the Pope ina the Pizza Contest. Just the same I’m glad His Holiness visited America. He’s a decent, somewhat progressive guy, who, for example, no longer condemns the Gay Pride Parade. An act I always found hypocritical whenever the Pontiff rode through Vatican Square on a flowery float wearing a matching hat and gown. That said, he gave a great many people a well-needed lift and that’s a good thing. Just the same, I pray he doesn’t come back too soon. 


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