Monthly Archives: March 2017

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”

This afternoon I attended a town Hall meeting in Sarasota, hosted by Congressman Vern Buchanan. Along with roughly four-thousand concerned citizens, my wife and I and our friend, Charlie, amplified our viewpoints and voices at the Van Wezel Auditorium. Unfortunately, important questions regarding the immoral state of affairs we face each day of the Trump presidency were met with spin-city-answers. Like a genuine Trump partisan, Mr. Buchanan sidestepped legitimate questions about the horrific policies and procedures Donald Trump spews out with every sunrise. Mr. Buchanan spent the lion’s share of the question and answer period looking like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. The meeting nonetheless was exhilarating because ninety-nine percent of the attendees were on the right side of history; people who came to challenge the congressman’s failed policies, leanings, and loyalties toward a man who should be cleaning the toilets in the White House rather than using them. Thomas Jefferson said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” We took our eye off the ball and now our freedom and independence hangs in the balance. These are troubling times in our nation’s history, but like the clichéd expression reveals, “It is always darkest before the dawn.” Resist.


Disrespectful slithering-silicone-sycophant

Good people, I know there’s one thing we can all agree upon; Kelly Anne Conway has taken leave of her racist bigoted white-supremacist mind. Bare feet in the Oval Office? Bare feet on the sofa while 35 Black University Presidents are standing in attendance? You disrespectful slithering-silicone-sycophant. Please, Kelly Anne, do the planet a colossal favor and crawl back in to the gurgling bog you oozed out of. I’m sure you’ll find a cozy snakeskin sweater from Ivanka Fashions and a few alternative facts at the bottom of the ooze. Good luck and God Bless.