Phake Breaking News – Judge Roy Bean Moore and Sara Sanders

We begin with the latest developments regarding the administration’s chaotic presidency teetering on the edge of the abyss. On Friday, White House Press Secretary and former disgruntled cashier sucking on a Slim Jim at the 98-cent store, Sara Huckabee Sanders, defended accused pedophile, Judge Roy Moore. Spinning the disturbing narrative, Sanders said, and I quote: “A mere allegation of sexual impropriety isn’t enough to condemn Judge Moore. In fact, I recently sat on his lap at the White House Halloween party in the Oval Office. Granted, I felt something rigid in his pants, but the Judge assured me it was only the Alka-Seltzer bottle where he keeps his Viagra.” “Besides,” Sara added, “Judge Moore wears a white cowboy hat and everyone knows they’re only worn by the good guys.” In a related story, Temporary President Trump’s approval rating is waning faster than an ice cream cone in the hands of Chris Christie. Over the weekend, our reporters spoke with former Trump supporter, Martha Kleege, from Steubenville, Ohio. When asked about her change of heart, Martha said: “Donald Trump is a painful pimple on the nose of America. The incompetent bag-o-nuts recently kissed-up to Vladimir Putin while throwing his own CIA agents under the Access Hollywood Bus where he boasted about grabbing women’s hoo-hahs.” Harsh words perhaps; nonetheless, it is encouraging to hear former Trump supporters … This just in, once again Kellyanne Conway was seen taking the 9:20 broom to Hades alongside Sara Huckabee Sanders. Film at eleven.

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